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ThinkDigitalX is the hub of digital enablers. We transform business by enabling and extending capabilities to create a sustainable digital environment. In totality, we hold the key to a new world where the newly transformed business can counter the effects of the new and upcoming inventive and disruptive business models.

We are your one-stop solution for everything digital. From automation to Big-data analytics, from digital marketing to manpower consultation, we cover the entire gamut of the ever-evolving digital spectrum. Coupled with our unique client engagement models, we assure you rewarding and seamless customer experience.

What is ThinkDigitalX ?

We are a bunch of digital natives who are extremely passionate about digitizing businesses end-to-end. With a flare in applying the latest digital methodologies and technologies we want to create a truly scalable, and sustainable environment for your business. We provide end-to-end solutions to a whole range of challenges you face in the quest of digitizing your business.
Given our rich collective experience, top-notch client engagement models, unique and creative solutions and high standards of professional practices and ethics, we at ThinkDigitalX, want to be your Strategic Digital Partner or perhaps work as an extended arm of your in-house digital team adding value streams to your business.
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We Provide

Advisory, consulting & developing strategy

In order to build a sustainable business in the ever-evolving digital landscape, it is crucial that you rely on the experts. You can also get in touch with us for customized advisory and consultation services.

Program/Framework audit

A time tested, and effective framework ensures that the envisioned outcomes are met. We help businesses enforce and exercise strict practices of adherence and governance.

Product strategy

Understanding the product life-cycle and weaving a story around it is crucial for a product to connect with its target audience and build brand loyalty in the digital world. Our expert team in digital marketing will help you create the right brand story and communicate the right messages to your target audience. What you get in return? An increased ROI!


We Support

Embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the latest iteration of IOT specific to Industrial application called IoT lead to the Industry 4.0 or intelligent businesses, automated factories, and smart communities. With the arsenal of the such tools, we can add mobility and dynamics to the traditional isolated, static manufacturing environment.

Security plays a vital role in E-Governance. With our advanced security governance systems in place which are easily customizable and implementable, we ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information. It is always stored safely. Oh yes, you can forget about those hackers!  

Mobility, automation, digitization are key drivers in the healthcare industry today. Given our experience working on these activities, we can help you streamline your business completely, bring transparency to business processes, and reduce resource time, mobilizing you to focus on the core values of the healthcare service industry.

Cloud services, and Advanced Data Analytics are the key improvement areas for the mobility & telecom companies to stay ahead in the competitive market. Our digital transformation solutions have helped clients reach these milestones, providing them with actionable insights from their big data banks that were needed to bridge the competitive gaps.

Security, automation, digitization are the key differentiators in the field of insurance & banking. This sector, in particular, has seen a complete transformation by leaps and bounds in recent times. Our advanced security governance systems, process automation, digitization, and product development products and solutions have helped our clients create these differentiators and succeed in this highly competitive market space.

Digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content, Digital and Content Marketing Collateral are all crucial in the retail industry as they bring prospective customers closer to the point-of-sale (POS). With a deep understanding of the digital space and experience in digital and content marketing, we provide a thorough framework for a successful transformation of retail businesses.

We have years n experience in developing fleet management tools which gave companies a better view of the operations with real-time updates necessary for quick business decisions and actions.

We develop tools that create a secure and intuitive environment for our trading companies to undertake any kind of trading activity. We also provide security and data dashboards to carry out necessary actions specific to the trading industry.

Our tools have helped NGOs record and document all the monetary and non-monetary transitions and activities thereby creating transparency between all stakeholders.

HR consulting, bulk recruitment, automated hiring processes and tailor-made recruitment tools are a few areas that we expertise in. We help companies scale up the traditional recruitment processes and prepare for the future of work.

B2B is that niche category which demands intelligence to burrow deep and reap its benefits. Irrespective of the requirement viz., sales, inventory or even the enterprise solutions, we can develop and customize powerful B2B marketing tools and applications which will reduce your turnaround times on digital sales.

Our innovative tools coupled with best practices on marketing, can help businesses scale up. It is time to transform the traditional agriculture business digitally, thereby generating increased revenue in the agricultural sector.


We Provide

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  • arrow blackProduct Development
  • arrow blackPlatform Agnostic Application Development
  • arrow blackIOT
  • arrow blackMobility Services
  • arrow blackProcess Digitisation
  • arrow blackSearch Engine Optimisation
  • arrow blackProcess Automation
  • arrow blackProcess Optimisation
  • arrow blackEnterprise Development
  • arrow blackData Analytics
  • arrow blackSecurity Governance
  • arrow blackCloud Services
  • arrow blackSocial Media Marketing


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  • arrow blackDigital Positioning
  • arrow blackBranding
  • arrow blackSocial Listening
  • arrow blackSurvey Tools
  • arrow blackMarketing Collateral
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We partnered with Appcare, to develop iOS version of Quiklrn app. Appcare strength in iOS
development is an important criterion for this partnership. It was great working with
Appcare and the team delivered the complex app in a short time as per the specifications. It
was a pleasure working with a professional team at Appcare.”

Quiklrn Team


“This is to acknowledge the work done by APP CARE Team. We had given the assignment for
the development of a complicated website for one of our clients. The team lead by Mr. Sunil
Khanderao. Managing Director, APP CARE was exceptional in handling the laborious task. I
must say effortlessly. The developer has understood the entire functionality and even given
suggestions on what could be done to make the site better.”

Simran Maini,
Managing Director- Swordfish Integrated Advertising

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