Total Recaller Case Study


Client Business

  • Mr. Yari, Founder of Total Recaller is an Australian based client whose vision is to make the learning process simpler.
  • The app is a study and learning program developed for the struggling students who find it difficult to learn in the traditional way.
  • The iOS app allows users to upload study material to the database and take tests based on it later or as scheduled.
  • The user can also share the uploaded tests with their friends.
  • Lite users (can share the test with 1 person only), for more topic strings users, has to upgrade to premium.
  • The idea of the app’s business is to sell licenses to Universities where the teacher will share tests with students, send reminders to take tests, etc.
  • Payment integration with coupon codes.
  • Chat integration.


  • The client had taken his business to various app developers as the app wasn’t being accepted into the Apple Store.
  • They did not understand the business model and opted for a simple e-commerce mobile app.
  • According to Apple developer guidelines, only physical commodities can be categorized as e-commerce And hence, code was not stable.


  • Appcare had to restructure the architecture and converted it into a SaaS model.
  • We redesigned architecture including the database structure, converting it into a SaaS model following the best practices of design.
  • Phase 2 of the app includes are structured admin panel where the client can generate customized coupon codes particular to the universities.

APP Screenshots

Business Benefits

  • The client had an actually working app as per the business model and has been able to successfully upload to Apple Store.
  • Acquired and on-boarded well-known universities.

Client Say

“I used 2 separate developers and the result was a fragile code which was broken in many places. After I approached Appcare, I was assured that they possessed the necessary talents to fix what others could not.

Sunil and his team now manages my application and will continue to do so as I could not be happier with his work. I recommend Sunil to anyone who requires the of an expert in the field of iOS development”

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