Solutions by ThinkDigitalX

Creative Engine

We provide you with engaging media and content to drive your marketing activities

Product Development

We develop web-based, mobile-based, function-specific application to optimize and enable your valued resources.

Platform Agnostic Application Development

We make the application compatible across multiple platforms so that you have more flexibility deploying the applications in real-time.


We add the smartness to your system by making them accessible, actionable through our applications on the internet.

Security Governance

We audit your applications/website for potential compromises and ensure your applications/websites are equipped with adequate security measures.

Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Digital Positioning

We use customized digital marketing strategies for better product positioning on the web and SEO tactics to rank your business higher on popular search engines, thus, creating a relevant customer base.

Survey Tools

We provide tools with which you can effectively create and send out surveys to your customer. We help you with the data analysis as well.

Man-power consultation

We provide recruitment consultation to help you gather the required talent pool to drive a successful business.

Mobility Services

We provide tools that will help you mobilize your activities. What’s more? Our services are not limited to certain systems or locations.

Process automation, digitization, and optimization

We provide digital/ technical solutions to automate repetitive, time-consuming, and manual activities. By doing so we not only enable your resources but also help reduce costs, ultimately increasing business profits.

Enterprise Development

We provide holistic solutions that cater to multiple departments or stakeholders seamlessly through a single platform to create intelligent business enterprises that are more efficient, and successful.

Data Analytics

We provide you with engaging media and content to drive your marketing activities

Cloud Services

We offer secure, intuitive cloud services to optimize your business processes, ensuring higher returns.

Social Listening

We have a dedicated team of social listeners who to monitor and optimize the online reputation of your brand and products.


With our marketing best practices applied on the digital platforms, we ensure maximum visibility of your brand in both cases; creating a brand from the scratch, and repositioning or rebuilding a brand.

Marketing Collateral

We provide all the required online and offline marketing and sales enablement collaterals based on our powerful and adaptive creative engine.
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